Use Joint Tenancy To Pass Property To Your Children And Avoid Probate

Avoiding Probate is a major consideration that people must consider when discussing the passing of assets from one generation to the next, particularly due to tax consequences and Liability issues.

Periodically, grown children of seniors will suggest that the parent add the childrens names to the title on the parents home. The idea is that the children would become joint tenants with the parent so that the home wont have to go through probate when the parent passes away.
Joint tenancy is a form of ownership of property that permits the surviving joint owner to receive the share of a deceased joint owner automatically.

For example, if a parent were to enter into a joint tenancy with her son, he would become the full owner of the property at the parents death. Because the property passes automatically, the son would avoid having to take the home through probate, and would most likely save a great deal of money in probate fees. All the son would need to do is have an Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant drafted and recorded with the County Recorder, and the title would be held solely in his name. However, it is good practice to avoid this kind of an arrangement, for several important reasons:

Tax Consequences: When two people buy property together as joint tenants, the amount of money they invest in the property is called their basis in the property. A propertys basis is exempt from capital gains taxes at the time of sale. If somoene bought a home many years ago, that persons basis in the property might be quite low. In many areas, despite the recent downturn in the economy, a property that was purchased many years ago for $150,000 may easily be worth three times that today.

When a person receives property from a deceased person, the recipient usually gets to take whats called a step-up in basis. That means that the propertys basis is raised to the fair market value at the date of death of the deceased person. If the recipient were to sell the property immediately upon receiving it, that person would not have to pay any capital gains taxes on the property. In effect, all the accumulated value in the house over the years would be received by that person tax-free.

When two parties enter into a joint tenancy, however, half of the benefits of the step-up in basis are lost. The survivor will receive the step-up in basis on your half of the property, but retains his basis (zero) in his original half. If the deceased joint tenant bought the home for $100,000, and the survivor sells it for $500,000, he will receive a step-up in basis of $300,000 (the decedents original investment of $100,000 plus $200,000 for the decedents half of the appreciation). The survivor may be able to take clear title to the home without problem, but when he goes to sell the home, he may find himself with a hefty capital gains tax bill. For people who own significantly appreciated property, a joint tenancy with their children is almost always not a good idea.

Liability Issues: Most people who put their childrens names onto the title of their home do so with the intention of eventually passing that home to their children when they pass away. What many of these people fail to realize is that putting a childs name on the deed passes title to the property now. The new joint tenant would become an immediate co-owner of the home. This creates a great deal of risk, especially for older people who have paid off their homes and live on retirement income.

Suppose a senior puts her son on her home as a joint tenant, and two years from now the son gets in a car accident and is sued. The senior may find that her home becomes the central asset in a battle to collect a judgment against the son. The same problem can arise if the son loses his job and has to declare bankruptcy. His creditors would see that he is a half owner of the home, and might try to force a sale to recover their money. If the child owes back taxes to the government, then the house is an available asset. The same goes for child support and other obligations.

In short, a joint tenancy with children is not the safest or best way to pass property to the next generation of a family. Although it is probably the simplest and cheapest way to avoid probate, the hidden costs can be astronomical. For individuals and families who are seeking ways to avoid probate, it is generally advisable to set up a revocable trust. A trust permits a person to pass property to his or her children quickly and easily, without the hassle of probate and its attendant fees and time delays.

Pune – A Real Estate Destination

The real estate scenario looks gloomy in the current scenario, but a couple of cities are sure to stay ahead of the rest even in the current scenario. Pune, one of the hottest real estate destinations will continue to see stabilized prices and an appreciation in prices in the long run. There are various reasons that can be attributed to the growth of the city.

Pune is a commercial hub with dominance of industries including IT andITeS, Automobiles. Petrochemicals. Oil and Gas, Engineering. Financial Services, Textiles. Companies have displayed a brilliant growth within the city. The city is centrally located and makes fro a good hub for manufacturing companies. Swanky office buildings host the biggies of the word like Mercedes Benz , GM and many more. This has led to extensive commercial development in the city. Infact, companies from other sectors also eye the city including Biotech, Hospitality etc

Some of the advantages of being in Pune real estate include the following

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and sixth largest city in the country with a population of 7.2 million people with a high purchasing power. It is also a prominent education centre. The city has over 100 colleges and institutions of higher learning including 14 Engineering Colleges and 10 B-Schools. A large number of ITI s provide the necessary shop floor skills. Scientific institutions and the substantial presence of IT companies assure a supply of high quality knowledge base.

Pune is also emerging as a prominent city for BPO due to the availability of skilled English speaking manpower. The city houses a large number of national and international players including Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Bharat Forge, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro, among others. It has 12 focus industry areas including automobiles, chemicals, consumer durables, engineering and Information Technology.

The commercial property development of the city can largely be attributed to the state, Government and the infrastructure. The advantages of being in Maharashtra include the following. It is the largest economy in the country, with a high per capita income and one of the most attractive investment destination in the country, accounting for 40 per cent of exports. This has also fostered the presence of reputed R&D centres in the city.

The IT presence in the city is largely attributed to the bold and visionary IT policy. Initiated by the State Government, it is responsible for attracting companies to set up shop in the state. The Policy includes exemption for IT units from various taxes and duties, permission to set up units anywhere in the state without restrictions, setting up of Special Export Zones and various other government initiatives to boost the IT culture within the state. Software Exports: Maharashtra accounts for more than 30 percent of the countrys software exports, with over 1,200 software units based in the state, thus providing a familiar and friendly environment for IT companies.

The government of Maharashtra has undertaken the ambitious project of developing the Mumbai-Pune Knowledge Corridor, thereby creating a natural home for companies from all over the world, seeking to set up their IT or ITES activities in a safe, business-friendly and progressive environment with world-class facilities and infrastructure, with a long term perspective.
Committed huge investments in the state include Boeing Rs 500 crore (Rs 5 billion) in Nagpur Volkswagen, Rs 2,350 crore (Rs 23.5 billion) in Pune, General Motors Rs 1,350 crore (Rs 13.5 billion) in Pune, Bajaj Auto Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) in Pune/Aurangabad, Hyundai Heavy industries Rs. 260 Crores in Pune, Mahindra & Mahindra Rs. 2000 crores in SEZ, Microsoft and Videocon.
All of the above reasons are sure to be the reasons for continued growth in the city for years.

Residential real estate at Pune is all set to create new benchmarks. To cater to the residential demand in the city, Pune needs almost 40,000 residential properties every year to meet the housing demand in the city. Thus, the Public Private partnership will create a new city sky line.

The upcoming residential areas include: Kalyani Nagar, Kawade Road, Hadapsar, Thergaon, Ambegaon, Balewadi and Wagholi among others.

Thus, jump into the Pune realty bandwagon and search for a house to invest or live in. To find that dream property, it is recommended that you search online and find your options before getting on the ground. Thus, you can save precious time and money. With the prices just stabilizing, it is an opportune time to get that house you have always dreamt of.

Best Locations In Mumbai To Buy Residential Property

Mumbai-the commercial capital of the country and home to the Indian film industry, has always been a preferred choice for buying, selling or renting properties in India. It is recognized as an IT/ITES hub and this has led to a thriving demand for properties. Despite the skyrocketing real estate prices, the city has something to offer for every class of the society to invest in real estate.

Due to large scale urbanization in the suburbs, Mumbai is expected to see very high demand for residential space of approximately 16.40 lakh units. The mid-scale and affordable housing in suburban and peripheral areas will be the focus of this demand.

The eastern suburban areas of Navi Mumbai, like Kharghar, Airoli, CBD Belapur, and Sanpada which have been getting a lot of infrastructural developments, happen to be good investment options. Rates in Navi Mumbai range between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per sq ft. While the North Western and Eastern suburbs continue to be the preferred locations; in Mumbai, the demand has continued and there are some new projects coming up in South Mumbai. Also, Central Mumbai areas e.g. Wadala, Sion etc are coming up with new residential ventures.

Navi Mumbai is getting the larger share of the pie, as most of the real estate projects are coming up here and the prices are affordable as compared to Mumbai. Many options are still available in Mumbai, wherein you can afford to have an abode of your own. Lets have a look at a few of them:

Kurla- One of the major suburb of Mumbai, the suburban railway station lies on the Central and Harbour line. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus lies near to the Kurla Suburban Station, which is a terminus for out passenger/express trains. It has its own railway junction and is 3.5 Kms away from the domestic airport and 13.5-14kms from Mumbai Central and Mumbai CST respectively. The locality has got Engineering Colleges as well, apart from lots of schools and various other educational institutions.

Borivali- The Borivali suburban railway station is on the Western Line. Located in the North-Western Mumbai, it is one of the few places in the world that has got a National park within the city limits-The Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are a number of well known educational institutions managed by the Franciscan Brothers. The very famous amusement park, “Essel World” and Asia’s largest water park “Water Kingdom” are located here. It is at a distance of approximately 18 Km from the airport and 32 Km from the Mumbai Central.

Sion- The Sion suburban railway station lies between Matunga and Kurla on the Central line. There are a few residential projects coming up in this area. The Central Labour Institute is nearby and other schools and colleges are also there. Not only the local trains, but also the Sion BEST bus depot connects it well to other localities like Wadala, Dadar, Antop Hill, Bandra etc.

Vikhroli- This Mumbai suburb has a railway station with the same name on the Central line. Similar to many other areas in Mumbai, it is divided by the railway line between two parts, namely Vikhroli East and Vikhroli West. There has been a proposal for a bridge to be built over Thane creek to Kopar Khairne, Navi Mumbai, the third linkage between Navi Mumbai to Mumbai. It lies between the Ghatkopar and Kanjurmarg Suburban Railway Stations.

Chembur- Located 22 Km to the North-East of Churchgate, Chembur is located in the eastern part of Mumbai. The Suburban Railway station of Chembur is on the Harbour Line. Owing to its central location, it is well connected via roads to Navi Mumbai, Ghatkopar, Sion, Kurla, Mulund, Mankhurd, Panvel and Thane. The NG Acharya Garden or Diamond Garden, Sandu Garden and Pestom Garden. are the major attractions of Chembur. It is about 20 Km from the international airport and 18 Km from the CST railway station.

Jogeshwari- Jogeshwari Suburban Railway station lies on the Western Line between Andheri and Goregaon. Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road or JVLR, as it is popularly known connects it to the central suburb of Vikhroli. The place is mostly inhabited by Muslims and Maharashtrians. The suburb is named after Goddess Jogeshwari. There are some earlier caves in the eastern part of the region, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Jogeshwari. There are some of the well known schools and colleges in the area.

Ghatkopar- One of the richest suburbs of the city, the place is filled with all kinds of shopping centers, jewelers’ shops, cloth shops, eateries etc. It lies on the Central Line of the suburban railway station, between Vidyavihar and Vikhroli. North Bombay Welfare Society High School (Ghatkopar West), Fatima High School (in the border area with Vidyavihar), Gurukul High School (Ghatkopar East), Garodia High School (Garodia Nagar), Ramji Assar High School (Ghatkopar East) area few private schools in the area. For arts, Science, Management, Engineering and Medicine streams, the famous Somaiya family of colleges is here. In addition, the suburb is served by at least three Municipal schools. It lies 6 Km from the international airport and about 18 and 16 Km from CST and Mumbai Central respectively.

Goregaon- It is a major suburban railway station on the Western Line between Jogeshwari and Malad. It is in the northern part of the city and is easily accessible by buses, trains, auto-rickshaws and taxis. Not only has it housed the famous film studios Filmistaan and Film City (in Goregaon East) but also the cinemas like Anupam and Samrat. Goregaon West is known to have most of the shopping centres of the locality. The Western Express Highway and Linking road lie on either side of the area. It is primarily a middle class locality.

Malad- It is well known for Marve/Aksa/Erangal beaches where the famous Raheja group hotels Resort/Retreat are situated. It is on the Western Line of the Suburban Railway between Goregaon and Kandivali. There are a number of shopping centres, markets, theaters etc in the locality. Malad East has many popular housing colonies like Raheja Township, Govind Nagar, Mahindra Nagar and Pratap Nagar. Mahindra Nagar is a clean and green society, which was nominated as the second most pollution-free area in Mumbai by Eureka Forbes after Aarey Colony in Goregaon.

Area-Avg Price/Sqft(INR)-Avg Rent/Sqft (INR)
Kurla(East/West)-6092 / 7688-21 / 29
Borivali(East/West)-6330 / 6884-21 / 18
Vikhroli(East/West)-6051 / 6609-19 / 24
Ghatkopar(East/West)-7458 / 6880-26 / 24
Malad(East/West)-7204 / 5336-24 / 25
Jogeshwari(East/West)-9190 / 7309-32 / 28
Goregaon(East/West)-7605 / 7968-25 / 25

The above localities offer a lucrative option for real estate investments. These are well developed and have a better infrastructure in comparison to the developing Navi Mumbai suburbs. Also, they offer a cheaper rental as well as capital values, when compared to the Mumbai’s Golden triangle, Malabar Hill, Breach Candy and Altamount Road and other costly areas, where residential properties sell in the range from 40000-62000 Rs/Sqft .

Who is Keith Baxter and what is he up to these days

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Get Your Dream Home With College Station Real Estate

Houses in College Station Real Estate under rebate program can bring back great amount into your pocket whenever you buy home from one of the affiliates. Courtiers have recently established their framework in College Station, which is most populated city of Texas. College Station lenders, agents and realtors teamed up to offer quality real estate service at an affordable price. College Station Real Estate business is the best firm for applicants to buy a house or invest in property. All they need to do is to find out great deal, which presents better opportunities to save excessive amount on every purchase. Courtiers agents are one of the best in the industry when it comes to sale or purchase of property. If you are looking for most deserving and well-trained agents in the real estate business, then College Station is just the right place.

College Station is home to affluent record of commerce and redevelopment of downtown. This city provides rich collection of lifestyles where clients can find any property. If you consider relocation to different cities, then clients can call support forum for expert opinion. College Station homes for sale have attained an alcove in the industry of real estate and property dealing in Texas. College Station Real estate is treated as trustworthy company popular in America as Courtier Real Estate Firm.

For many years, Courtiers have been running successfully in real estate industry that deals in the sale and purchase of different properties. However, many factors need consideration before clients enter into an agreement with real estate agents for sale or purchase of property. Real Estate Company deals with property-related issue to ensure safe and secure financial transaction, possession and paper work. Clients willing to buy a lavish home can look for College Station Real Estate amazing pricing structure. Real estate firms in College Station provide prompt solutions of issues concerned with beautiful home.

Nowadays, even the competent real estate firms have entered the queue of leading companies, which provides well-equipped and pre-constructed flat available at cheap cost. Still, some real estate firms provide houses, commercial space and residential flats at a cost within the means of customer. Scouring for best homes in the centre of the city at reasonable price contend your requisites for your dream house. You often plan to move to a new house or obtain better pricing policy for different property. Courtier Real Estate business offer superbly designed and ultra-modern College Station homes for sale.

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Thoughts On An Overbought Market

Anatomy of a Market Bottom
I’m not a big fan of calling bottoms or tops. Frankly, it’s a guessing game, like touching an electric stove when you think it may not be on…but this game leaves most with burned hands. I prefer going for trends and higher probabilities. However, unless you think there is no value in equities (and yes, some actually DO believe this), then at some point of a market drop there will be a turn higher. So, perhaps a bottom is at hand (pun intended). There are some characteristics this time around that may prove different than previous bottom attempts.

The Metrics Say OVERBOUGHT
This market is simply overdone, overbought and due for a correction. Um, that was said about three weeks ago! So, here we are, three weeks later and up about 10% more. Those looking for the pullback in time were hit rather hard. However, markets are showing complacency with a VIX down around 33, put/call ratio extremely low and bullish sentiment rising. The MacClellan Oscillator is flashing a big sell signal, and the summation index looks to rollover. Finally, risk may be a factor…as the euroyen has tumbled below support.

Rotation and Leadership Means a Shallow Pullback
Sure, the markets are up 10% or so in that time, but some groups have soared. Take the homebuilders. Left for dead in 2008, they are showing new leadership when money is rotated out of other sectors. Commercial real estate, financial, retail and restaurants also fall into the same category. I’d bet a pullback may only be of the lighter variety, but we’ll watch volume levels and see whether some good support is breached.

The Six Week Cycle Program
Market rhythm is hard to measure but it sure makes for nice symmetrical patterns. One of the more reliable patterns is a time cycle. Simply put markets run through cycles of time with bullish and bearish trends. Six week patterns are seen quite often and are fairly reliable. This is an important trend as it middles the short term and intermediate term (roughly 30 days of trading, of which the 30 MA is highly followed). This past Friday ended a six week cycle which if ended puts the next cycle (bearish) on a path to finish on June 1…perhaps starting up a summer rally.

Overbought Now, Where Could We Pull Back To?
So, if everything mentioned falls into alignment…where do we go? Taking a look at the SPX chart below, some logical targets include 809 (gap to fill, also the location of an island reversal), 827 (20 MA) and a bit deeper number would be 790 (50 MA and 38% retrace level). Fibonacci support comes in at 770 (50% level) but that could wind down to a larger-sized move. The VIX is telling us here not to expect any big pullback quickly but could build over a few days. Any pullback could be considered a bull retest (such as Mar 27 and 30). One thing we’ve noted are the pullbacks are strong, concentrated but short term in nature. Clearly something you like if you’re bullish…buying the dips.

Bob Lang,

How to Find the Best Charlotte Real Estate Agent

If you have been planning to buy your new home and have been wondering about how to find the best, Lake Norman real estate agent, then you will find this article extremely useful. Getting settled into your new home is a beautiful feeling, but finding a good and dependable Lake Norman real estate agent can be quite a challenging task. In this article, we shall discuss the ways in which you can find the right one for your individual needs and requirements. Let us take a closer look at the ways you can appoint an experienced, Charlotte real estate agent to help you.

The internet is probably one of the first places to look for Charlotte real estate agents. Online information will help you to learn about the kinds of homes that are generally available in the Lake Norman region. Real Estate agents shall be able to provide you with detailed information about available homes within this exclusive area. Complete your own thorough research online and you will gain an excellent idea on the general kinds of real estate and market prices throughout Lake Norman.

Ask people for referrals. Many times, the people around you will be able to provide you with helpful information about a particular agent or real estate firm. Ask friends, family, and colleagues about their past experiences with Charlotte real estate agents. Listen carefully to their feedback. If respectable references are quick to state that they are dependable and trustworthy, you can proceed with a good working relationship; however, if you receive negative feedback, then take the time to look elsewhere for real estate guidance.

Before you interview a Charlotte real estate agent, you must have some idea about what the entire process is like. Read books on real estate development, magazines, as well as well known articles and blogs to develop a clear picture of Charlottes real estate market. Lake Norman real estate agents shall provide you with the privilege to view excellent listings throughout this region. Be certain to share any special amenities or features that youre searching for to improve the chances of finding property with the right specifications to fit your individual needs. Remember that Lake Norman real estate professionals are the experts of this unique marketplace. They will have the best understanding of what the best properties are selling for.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Resale Property In Bangalore Real Estate

People look to invest in Bangalore real estate but many times customers buy resale Bangalore properties. People buy resale properties Bangalore as they are unable to find new property launches in Bangalore real estate or they want to buy ready to move in flats. Many people invest in Bangalore properties as they do not want to pay high rents. Many people in India prefer to pay an EMI over rents this has lead to increase in demand of properties Bangalore.

Planning to buy an resale property in Bangalore real estate then do keep in mind the following pointers.

Location: Before investing in realestate in Bangalore one should study the location of the property. Prefer to invest in a locality which has good connectivity. One has to strike a balance between location and budget before buying a property. One may choose to invest in an upcoming locality. Localities that have upcoming metro projects are more likely to give good returns as well as investing in them is also going to be more affordable. Also take a look at the infrastructural facilities available in the region.

Check out the market: Before buying Bangalore properties one must study the market trend carefully. Many times an area has an over supply of properties which means customers can strike a bargain and crack a beneficial deal. Many people also look to invest in distress or disputed property. Though these properties are offered at an extremely cheap price but it may not be advisable to invest in such properties in real estate in India as one might get stuck in unnecessary legal battles.

Check for details: Check for the buildup area and super buildup area, check the property site before buying any property in real estate in India. Also ask the current property owner about why is he selling the real estate property in India. Before buying one should also confirm the title records and ensure that the property specifications are in accordance to the claims. Also one should check Builder-buyer sale agreement and original payment receipts which are issued against the installments paid. Before buying also ask about any pending property installments and Housing society and government rules and controls with regards to sale of the property. One should also look at the construction of the property, buying an very old property may not fetch lucrative results as one may have invest a lot of money on repairs and renovations of the property.

Choosing a Full Service Virginia Propane Delivery Company

Heating homes in the state of Virginia has always presented several challenges. The unpredictable winters in Virginia can make it difficult for people to estimate their potential energy use and develop a budget they can live with. One of the best ways for people to take care of their home heating needs in Virginia is to utilize a system that allows you to store the energy you do not use so that you can use it on your own schedule. If you want a home heating system that will allow you to get the most cost-effective solution in Virginia, then consider a Virginia propane delivery organization for your home heating needs. When you use a full service propane company, then you will experience a more efficient solution.

One of the services offered by a comprehensive Virginia propane delivery company is a discount system that helps people save money on their energy bills. The best propane delivery companies in the state of Virginia offer discounts to senior citizens and military personnel. It is a way to show respect for a certain segment of the population while helping people who are typically experiencing financial difficulties to keep their homes heated. A budget plan and a price protection program are offered to those that do not qualify for discounts. The point is to help everyone that wants to benefit from propane to save money on their service.

Maintenance on your propane heating system is critical to maintaining its efficiency and keeping your home safe. When you do business with the better Virginia propane delivery companies, you will find that they all offer propane heating system maintenance services. Every homeowner that benefits from the cost savings and efficiency of propane heating should have their heating system inspected at least once a year. Any repairs that need to be made on a propane heating system should be made immediately by a certified and experienced technician.

Peace of mind is also important for people who heat their homes using propane. Natural gas and electricity always seem to have a steady supply of energy for people to use to heat their homes. When you look at the various propane companies in the area, always be sure to ask how much supply they keep on hand and how often they get propane deliveries.

New Residential Projects in Noida are Hot Real Estate Investments – AtnInfratech

The latest news about Noida, the NCR is it is a favorite city for new residences and for that reason Low Cost New Residential Projects in Noida is very popular due to excellent infrastructural development and other good facilities.

The market in the NCR place has seen an amazing rate of development. More investors have started making investments in new residential projects in Noida, Noida Extension and Greater Noida. The opportunity for development in small sized developed locations is even more since the area expenses in these locations have a smaller footprint sized as opposed to developed locations. For example, individual plots of land in Noida Extension are less costly when in contrast to the plots of land in the developed NCR locations. Traders are looking more and more towards these fresh locations as possible financial dedication options.

The expansion of metro rail features has created Noida property easy and secured for the individuals to successfully go through to Gurgaon and Delhi. Over the River Yamuna, the DND Flyway can take an individual to South Delhi by only few minutes. The Yamuna Expressway reduces the time to reach Dadri and Greater Noida. Ghaziabad is close to Noida and is readily available by traversing National Highway-24. And yet a variety of multi-field medical centers are on side here in periods of discomfort. These are other factors for the increasing investments.

A variety of real estate designers have started offering house for sale in Noida Extension at reasonable prices in choices of 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK flats, apartments & villas are developed at a non-stop rate to meet the increasing specifications of the customers. Even nowadays, many customers are in situation as to information their choice of features now or wait for some better moment. For such customers it is an individual advice to information their choice of homes now or the expenses might increase further snorkeling in a more difficult choice. Here you will get the advantage of a better, less loud living atmosphere along with your convenience that must be at the top of your mind. And here in the fresh NCR locations, you will discover a clean atmosphere away from interference and sound pollution where you can spend the rest of your lifestyle silently.

For those looking for property options in NCR, nothing could be a better deal than this. So select wisely before making an financial dedication in NCR real estate industry.